Hotel (Customer Service)

A boutique hotel consisting of 30 rooms. Most of the guests are “millennials”. 

Problem Background

Hotel management pride themselves on the services and facilities they offer and are frustrated that on occasions they have been left with negative reviews on travel boards and other social media platforms for the most trivial things, which had they been made aware of during the guests stay they would have been able to resolve or rectify quickly and easily, but instead be left with this bad press after nothing could be done.

“One guest needed an Iron. Being a small family-run boutique hotel, we don’t have an iron in each room but have pool of irons, and other gadgets and appliances which we happily take to rooms when requested. We mention this in our information card which is in the rooms but instead this particular guest decided to post how basic our rooms and facilities were because of the lack of an Iron on Twitter – right there in plain sight to the world for all of our potential guests to see, when really it’s just not true. How can we get more visibility and connected with these platforms?”

What We Proposed

Using free and innovative tools we setup a system which automatically calls the hotel reception, sends an SMS to the reception mobile number and emails the content if anything is posted to Twitter or Instagram either with the hotel name or any tweets within 100meters of the hotel grounds. This allows the team to have real time visibility into customers and people in and around the hotel, their sentiments and to be able to respond quickly to them.

Whilst the setup above resolved the immediate needs, as part of our service we also introduced a better social media presence for the Hotel, and extended the platform above so the hotel staff don’t need to worry about checking all of the different social media posts and pages or for any mention of their hotel, instead we simply send a daily summary of new posts and feeds straight into their email inbox and they can view them all there.

This is an example of not only how help businesses innovate to meet a business challenge but also of how we go above and beyond for our customers to deliver real value add.

Customers Last Word

“This has really helped us keep with the times and stay connected to our guests…when they are actually in our hotel! Having this in a world where reputations are built on the service we provide during their stay is invaluable. This is the kind of thing we thought we could never achieve as an independent hotel and the whizzy things you only see in large global hotel chains. What surprised us the most was how cost effective the solution the Cameze team setup for us is – the monthly cost is less than not having just one of our rooms occupied for a day!”