Estate Agent

How we add value through our solutions for the simplest of needs, saving both time and money through the use of technology.

The Customer’s Problem

“Many of the properties we have on our portfolio stay empty for weeks and sometimes months. When a client instructs us as their agent we undertake responsibility for the property.

We’ve at times had difficulties with squatters and in some occasions due to the length of time it has taken to resolve buyers have withdrawn offers. It therefore remains in our interest to ensure properties our clients have entrusted us with remain in good order, so we now carry out regular spot checks on our empty properties.

At any one time we could have 15-20 empty properties in our portfolio, so a few visits a day to cover them all consumes our agents time and even cost us a little money in parking costs”

What We Proposed

We calculated the annual costs for such a simple activity was around £3,000 a year (few hours a week of an agents time, parking charges plus fuel and mileage)

Proposing the use of IP cameras which are deployed to each empty property on the day they are instructed and taken into our customers care, the cameras proactively alert our customer in the even of noise or motion detection as well as providing the with real time access to the feeds at the click of a button for peace of mind.

The Benefits

Not only did this allow our customer to continue to look after their customers properties, but they do it better than before because of the instant access and efficiency.

The solution cost £2,000 for the cameras and service setup, and £400 a year for the managed service.

An added bonus is our customer demonstrates this capability to prospective clients offering them a unique advantage over other agencies in the area for to be selected”

Customer’s Last Word

“As well as saving money, my team can now do something more productive than driving around checking up on empty properties. 

What impressed me the most about Cameze Solutions is that they weren’t just trying to sell us anything, it was a thought out and well designed proposal meeting our exact challenge.

As we continue to face challenges as a business and in our industry overall we continuing our partnership with Cameze for other opportunities to get ahead of the rest through Technology ”