Director’s Keynote

Thankyou for visiting my keynote. If you’re a business owner, whether you’re operating from a bedroom or running multiple offices around the globe, I have nothing but admiration for you. 

My Background

For the past 15 years I have held numerous IT positions at various organizations.

This enabled me to gain experience in innovation, design and implementation aspects of Technology but also master the unique craft of keeping business at the heart of the any Technology solution or decision.

The Idea And The Problem

Given my background I would often be called upon by small & medium-sized business owners I knew through my wider social network to help them make the technology decisions for their business’

During these engagements I would often find what they were being offered wasn’t putting the needs of their business needs first, so I began to challenge suppliers to be more focused on their clients business and be more innovative, without compromising on key features such as functionality, security and cost.

In most cases I would already know what a more suitable, often less costly alternative was and walked away with great satisfaction knowing I really helped make the right technology investment choices for that business.


The more of these engagements I had, the more I began to see this so I began to wonder how many other business are out there which do not have in-house or access to expert Technology advice which would really benefit them, and Cameze Solutions was born.