Director’s Keynote

Welcome, and thankyou for visiting my keynote page.

My Background

Over the past 15 years I have held roles in various organisations, from engineering and design through to Director during which time only have I picked up a lot of knowledge and experience along the way but also understand the need of keeping business challenges and goals at the heart of it all.

Why Did I Started Cameze Solutions

Given my background, over the years I would often be contacted small & medium-sized business owners whom I came to know through friends (and friends of friends) to help them with technology decisions for their business’.

Through these countless engagements I began to find that the solutions and services often put on the table by providers to them wasn’t always putting the needs of their business first. I began to challenge suppliers to be more focused on their clients business and be more innovative, without compromising on key features such as functionality, security and cost – In most cases I already knew what the answer was

The more of these engagements I engaged in, the more I began to wonder how many other business are out there without access to right Technology expertise.

It was the satisfaction I gained through guiding and helping these business’ maximize the value from of their technology investments for their individual business needs which fueled the formation of Cameze Solutions.

I look forward to understanding your specific business needs and growing with you as part of your business